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Balloon Sinuplasty Chicago and Schaumburg, IL

Balloon Sinuplasty is revolutionizing the treatment of sinus disease and is now available to patients throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. Millions of Americans suffer from sinus disease that is not responsive to medical treatment. Sinus surgery has evolved significantly over the years. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery made it unnecessary to making surgical incisions on the face. In addition to minimally invasive approaches through the nose, endoscopic sinus surgery was more effective at long-term treatment of sinus disease. The biggest problem with functional endoscopic sinus surgery is that patients who undergo this procedure through the nose are still quite miserable. There is substantial trauma that patients undergo as tissue is destroyed and removed. Extensive bleeding requires nasal packing which patients find it very uncomfortable after surgery. So, although endoscopic sinus surgery is effective, it can be quite a traumatic thing to go through. Recovery may take weeks.
However, now there is a new option that is even more effective then endoscopic sinus surgery, but far less invasive and can even be done in the office setting instead of the hospital. This procedure is known as balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty, unlike endoscopic sinus surgery, requires no destruction and removal of bone or tissue. The procedure still uses and endoscope to view the inside of the nose and sinus openings. However, instead of cutting out tissue and bone, a balloon catheter is brought to the sinus opening an inflated to literally open up the block sinus passages that are causing chronic sinusitis symptoms. The result is that mucus that has built up in the sinuses is allowed to freely flow out relieving symptoms of sinus pressure, pain, and nasal congestion experienced by patients suffering from chronic sinus problems.
Balloons sinuplasty has already been used to help over 250,000 patients. it is a proven effective treatment with minimal downtime an excellent long-term results. Find out more by making an appointment with one of our doctors by calling 847-995-9000.